Buildbot 0.9.x status shield service



$ curl

Response is a JSON object with two string fields: id and error. If error is "success", the value of the id can be used with the /img endpoint.

Please register just once. Registering multiple times for the same buildbot instance will only return the same ID. Note that if builders are added after the registration step is performed, it's currently not possible to register them; please contact if that's your case.

Generating shields

Just obtain$id/$builder-name, where builder-name is the builder name that appears in the Buildbot dashboard.

The output is an SVG file. Example: . No other formats are provided, and no formatting options exist.

Status will be cached for half an hour. New status will only be fetched from the buildbot instance if an image is requested. There's no way to purge the cache or force the status to be re-fetched other than waiting for the cache to be expired.

Credit & usage agreement

@lpereira wrote and maintains the service. This service can be used free of charge by any Free and Open Source project that is maintained by an individual or non-profit organization.

Source code is available if you'd like to run your own instance or if you or your organization doesn't fit in the service usage agreement above.